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Start-up grants

Companies with market potential can apply in the early stages (establishment/development) for financial support for their start-up process.


  • Value creation: Your business will generate added value in the Canton of Bern, focused around a sustainable growth strategy. Purely commercial or trade activities are not eligible for funding.
  • Business plan: Your company submits a credible business plan in which self-financing plays a major role.
  • Jobs: Your company creates new jobs in the Canton of Bern.

Ideally, at least one of the following describes your business:                                     

  • Key industries: Your project helps to strengthen Bern’s key industries (high-precision manufacturing, medtech, ICT, industrial design).
  • Innovation ecosystem: Your project helps to strengthen the Canton of Bern’s innovation ecosystem, for example in new industries or particularly promising technologies (digitalization, circular economy, sustainable development, etc.).
  • Your project has been independently assessed as being particularly innovative and/or forward-looking (e.g. by an external jury, an investor circle, etc.).


  • Eligible costs: Costs and expenses incurred in connection with the project, typically calculated over the first two years from the project launch.
  • Maximum grant: We finance up to 50% of eligible costs, but generally substantially less. With some exceptions, start-up grants usually amount of CHF 50,000 to CHF 100,000.
  • Types of company: This financial support is available for incorporated or limited liability companies based in the Canton of Bern. It is not available for partnerships or sole proprietorships.

Legal notice: There is no automatic entitlement to this financial support. An application must be made to the Bern Economic Development Agency for every project for which funding is sought.

How to submit a project


Contact the Bern Economic Development Agency at as early a stage as possible.mit der Standortförderung auf.


Submit your application along with a description of the project. The application can also be submitted by an external partner (bank, consultant, etc).


The Bern Economic Development Agency will draw up a Letter of Intent (LOI) together with you.


We will then make you an offer based on the LOI. You may be asked to provide additional information.


You will then be notified of our decision, along with the grant award if applicable.

More information

  • be-advanced – the Canton of Bern’s innovation agency

  • be-connected – Bernese networking platform for innovation and entrepreneurship

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