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New arrivals in the Canton of Bern

The Bern Economic Development Agency (BEDA) helps innovative international companies and undertakings to relocate and settle in the Canton of Bern – such as GeoInsight and Nevaris. BEDA works on this with the intercantonal partner Greater Geneva Bern area which has a network in selected target markets abroad.


More and more geographic data are being supplied by more and more sources. But it is difficult to draw useful conclusions from these data because of the many formats they arrive in. GeoInsight has set out to remedy this with its Intelligent Earth platform. The platform is revolutionizing the world of  geographic information systems by combining and analyzing data from different sources using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

GeoInsight’s service portfolio ranges from data selection, standardization, and provision to comprehensive analyses. The World Health Organization (WHO) is just one international organization that uses GeoInsight to find answers to its questions. 

GeoInsight consists of a top-notch team of researchers specializing in geographic information science. Having been supported in its startup phase by a competitive EXIST startup grant, Bern-based Geo‑Insight became a public limited company (AG) in 2022.



NEVARIS Bausoftware GmbH develops and distributes integrated software for technical and commercial construction operations. Following the establishment of a strategic partnership with the Swiss Association of Master Builders (SBV), the company set up shop in the Swiss Canton of Bern.

With its new location in Bern, the technology leader in the field of software  olutions for the engineering and construction industry is widening its footprint in Switzerland and is well positioned to accelerate the digitalization of the space.

NEVARIS is a brand of the globally operating Nemetschek Group, a pioneer in the digitalization of the architecture, engineering, construction, and operations
(AEC/O) industry covering the full life cycle of construction and infrastructure  rojects.

W&K Group

The Faulbach-, Germany-based W&K Group has been an active player in the  international industrial assembly market for over 35 years. During that time W&K has successfully completed over 15,000 projects in 135 countries, including in  Switzerland, where the company has seen a significant increase in deliveries
of industrial plants by its European customers in recent years. In addition, the exportoriented Swiss mechanical engineering sector is a major partner for the long term. The scope and magnitude of these areas of business led to the logical decision to open a Swiss branch in order to better meet its commitment to providing local customer service.

According to managing partner Martin Kratzer, the Canton of Bern is the perfect choice for W&K’s Swiss branch, as it “has a high density of companies in the manufacturing industry, especially in medical technology, precision industry and mechanical engineering. Its excellent traffic links and central location also make this location ideal for covering the whole of Switzerland with our services.”

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