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Startup Parade


The Bern-based startup machineMD has developed the NeurOphthalmoscope, a non-invasive diagnostic tool for early detection of brain diseases such as MS, brain tumors, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. It involves high-precision pupil movement tracking using special VR glasses.

Instead of being done manually by a specialist, the examination can be performed by a medical assistant in a fraction of the time. The NeurOphthalmoscope also provides objective, reproducible, and quantitative results and is therefore more reliable than the current method. In short, machineMD is revolutionizing ophthalmological diagnostics with its standardized and automated methodology.

The medtech startup was founded in 2019 as a spin-off from the University of Bern and is based at the new startup hub at sitem-insel. This development is being supported as part of an Innosuisse project in collaboration with the University of Bern, the development partner Helbling Technik Bern AG, and CSEM in Neuchâtel.

Site: Bern
Founder: A seven-strong team of founders headed by CEO Dominic Senn



The startup hypt brings word-of-mouth advertising into the digital age. With hypt’s tools, customers can quickly share their enthusiasm for a product or service with their social circles on WhatsApp and Co. in a fun way. So friends and acquaintances only need send each other ads for things that inspire them personally. Hypt’s aim is to complement already inundated social media advertising with more effective personal media advertising.

Hypt also picks up on negative experiences and allows providers to respond to them directly, helping to greatly reduce negative comments on the internet.

Besides a bank, various e-commerce customers, and users in the catering and hotel industry, hypt’s solution has recently been implemented by publishers, enabling readers to recommend books to each other quickly and easily.

According to the startup’s three founders, Pascal Sollberger, Tobias Wegmüller, and Roger Ellenberger, hypt is suitable for use wherever existing customers can attract new ones, therefore deliberately avoiding an industry focus for once.

Site: Worblaufen
Founder: Three Bernese specialists, each in their own field: media, marketing, and IT


Virtual Discovery AG

Virtual Discovery AG specializes in developing and implementing breathtaking virtual worlds. In addition to location-based virtual reality (LBVR) experiences, the startup in Matten bei Interlaken also creates XR apps, games, entertainment, edutainment, and interactive visualizations for businesses. Its tailor-made solutions can be purchased as a package that includes all the necessary hardware and software. With its specially developed Web XR and free-roam VR platforms, Virtual Discovery AG can offer its tailor-made services quickly and cost-effectively.

So far, virtual discovery has primarily been the preserve of the entertainment segment, with the company’s LBVR technology already in use in various VR arenas at home and abroad. In the near future it intends to shift the focus more towards mission critical training, which will entail providing training programs for police, fire services and armed forces. Also in development, in collaboration with ETH, is a novel positioning system that will enable VR to be used on unlimited surface areas and in nature.

Site: Matten bei Interlaken
Founder: Gerrit Schneider and Sébastien Broggi, two ambitious coding enthusiasts


airtime AG

As specialists in promotional videos and video communications, airtime AG offers the world’s first userfriendly film studio on wheels. The stable, infinitely height-adjustable desk contains everything you need for successful video recordings: two cameras, portrait light, studio microphone, screens, green screen for virtual backgrounds, and intuitive touchscreen operation for all functions. One single mains power cable and one single USB-C cable for your laptop are all you need to record professional videos in real time quickly and easily. Videos are recorded as universally compatible MP4 files for easy use in any application. With happy customers from a wide range of sectors including education, banking, healthcare, watches, and industry, airtime is making a name for itself as an innovative all-in-one solution for marketing, presentations, training courses, and video conferencing. The The mobile studios are Swissmade and distributed in Tavannes by Zesar.ch AG, specialists in ergonomic classroom and industrial furniture.

Site: Ittigen
Founder: A film production company, an ergonomics expert, and a furniture manufacturer


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