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In Switzerland, several thousand fawns are killed every year by mowing machines during the mowing season. Emanuel Kipfer wanted to put an end to this and equipped a drone with a thermal imaging camera that can detect fawns in long grass, making him a pioneer in drone-based fawn rescue. To be able to offer his services nationwide, he developed the BAMBIKIT: a handmade EASYCHARGE carry case with a fully automatic charging function for the drone, a monitor, and various other useful features. This kit rapidly met with high demand and is now considered the gold standard among hunters and deer rescuers in Switzerland.

As the combination of the professional drone and the EASYCHARGE carry case is also suitable for many other industries, Emanuel Kipfer founded the drone imagery company CIELOCAM. In the near future, CIELOCAM will be launching special complete systems for fire services to support rescue operations and for farmers to assist with herd protection.

Site: Riggisberg
The inventor: Emanuel Kipfer



More than 12 million people worldwide suffer from an eye disease called keratoconus, in which the cornea becomes thinner and forms a cone-shaped bulge. This causes distorted and blurred vision. In excess of 250,000 new cases are diagnosed every year.

This type of vision impairment can be alleviated by various methods, including conventional laser treatments that remove tissue to correct vision. The Bernbased startup ExO is working on a new, promising method for individual treatment: an ophthalmic device that makes it possible to inject those affected with a hydrogel to correct their vision.

This medtech device originates from research carried out at the University of Bern and is currently supported by the Venture Fellowship, a collaboration between Inselspital, the Innovation Office and the ARTORG Center.

Site: Bern
The inventors: Miguel Ariza and Philippe Büchler

Optometriepraxis Aare

This startup in Thun specializes in the prevention and diagnosis of eye problems. Using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, the practice offers customers eye exams performed by highly trained medical practitioners. Optometrists have been permitted to perform full eye exams since 2020, under the Federal Healthcare Professions Act.

Optometry is transformative for the patient and helps keep the federal government’s high healthcare costs low with these self-paid examinations. The optometrist advises patients on eye health and issues eyeglass prescriptions, discusses how regularly eye exams should be performed, or refers the patient directly to an ophthalmologist if treatment is required.

The Aare Optometry Practice is the ideal point of contact for professional eye care.

Site: Thun
The inventors: A lawyer and two optometrists


Talking Pictures

Language barriers between healthcare professionals and their patients occur on a daily basis in the Swiss healthcare system. In certain pediatric emergencies, up to half of all consultations face language barriers, taking up time and resources and negatively impacting on quality of care.

An interdisciplinary research team from the design, nursing research, and medical informatics departments at Bern University of Applied Sciences has developed a digital, image-based communication aid for patients and healthcare professionals. Offering safe and efficient communication in emergency situations, the Talking Pictures web-based app makes an important contribution to boosting the quality of treatment of patients who speak other languages and improves the working conditions of nurses in challenging situations.

The prototype serves as a starting point for establishing a spin-off in the area of image-based communication in healthcare.

Site: Bern
The inventors: Beatrice Kaufmann, Loraine Olalia, and François von Kaenel


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