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Shenzhen Partner Agreement

A twinning agreement has been in place between the up-and-coming Chinese business metropolis of Shenzhen and the Canton of Bern since 2015. Situated not far from Hong Kong, Shenzhen and its innovative high-tech industry are a stand-out example of China’s economic rise.

Innovation has a long tradition in the Canton of Bern – an ideal bridge for companies looking to cooperate with businesses in the innovative, vibrant hub that is Shenzhen. To remain competitive, businesses in the precision industry (watches, instruments, surfaces, miniaturi-zation, automation etc.) never stop innovating, including in relation to digitalization. The medtech and life sciences sectors (high-tech, implants, ophthalmology etc.) have grown out of this industry and have undergone rapid expansion, producing some of the world’s leading international companies in these fields. Quality, innovation and Swiss Made are key ingredi-ents in the recipe for success of every company here.

Success in the Canton of Bern

Located at the heart of Switzerland and Europe, the Canton of Bern is an ideal business location renowned for outstanding economic, political and financial stability, a highly skilled workforce and many active networks encompassing research, development and business. Asian companies that have settled here greatly appreciate these factors as being vital to their success in Switzerland and Europe. One example is the leading global ICT solutions provider Huawei in Köniz-Liebefeld. The Shenzhen-based company Malong Technologies has also recognized these benefits and has recently set up a European base here.

After all, the Canton of Bern provides companies with the perfect environment in which to achieve further economic growth.It is a place where producers and suppliers come together and specialists from industry and research work meticulously on developing optimal solutions for a whole host of problems and applications. So it is only natural that our Canton is also home to numerous industry organizations and knowledge institutions, including our latest flagships, sitem-insel AG for life sciences, Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne and the Swiss Smart Factory.

Intensifying cooperation and exploring business opportunities

The cooperation between the Canton of Bern and the City of Shenzhen has given rise to regular exchanges of views and ideas between business leaders and business promotion executives, with mutual visits that enhance understanding on both sides, simplify business cooperation and facilitate innovative research projects.

We invite companies from China, and from the Shenzhen region in particular, to establish their foothold in Switzerland and the European market in the Canton of Bern. You too can become part of our success stories in industry, medical technology, high-tech, and ICT. We open the doors to our networks for you. At the same time, we encourage local businesses seeking to expand to take a look at Shenzhen, enter into cooperation arrangements with businesses there, or establish their Chinese foothold in Shenzhen.

Business Environment of Shenzhen

Are you a Bernese company interested in exchanging views and ideas with businesses in Shenzhen? Then contact our specialist Vicky Riesen by email at or by phone on +41 31 633 41 23.

Are you an Asian company interested in locating your business in the Canton of Bern? Find out more at Moving to Bern.

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