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Tourism and Regional Developement Team

Daniel Wüthrich

Vice-President Bern Economic Development Agency
Tourism and Regional Development

+41 31 633 48 71
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«Our regions are predominantly rural. In this area in particular, we need more dynamism and implement regional and tourism policy with great conviction: promoting innovation, improving competitiveness and creating value.»

Daniel Wüthrich is responsible for tourism and regional policy. By providing project grants and infrastructure loans, the team helps exploit the potential of tourism and the regions.

Alexandra Fries

Senior Project Manager

+41 31 633 40 71
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«We support, advise and facilitate everything to do with events in the Canton of Bern.»

Alexandra Fries is responsible for events in her role as Project Manager Tourism and Regional Development. Events, Bern and Swiss sport are her lifeblood.

Peter Michel

Senior Project Manager

+41 31 633 40 83
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«Small actions speak louder than grand words. Thanks to the New Regional Policy, innovative ideas are implemented and important projects are brought to fruition.»

As Project Manager Tourism and Regional Development, Peter Michel is one of the team responsible for implementing the New Regional Policy.

Tatjana Suarez Rodriguez

Assistant Tourism

+41 31 636 40 91
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«It’s wonderful to be able to do your bit in helping to make great ideas fly.»

Martin Tritten

Expert Tourism

+41 31 633 40 75
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«We show you what help you can get from the public authorities, who are committed to promoting and strengthening tourism as a major and diverse economic sector in the Canton of Bern.»

Pascale Winiger Bitter

Commercial Administrator

+41 31 633 50 63
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«I’ve been passionate about regional politics for more than 20 years.»

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