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Submitting NRP projects

The Canton of Bern provides interest-free loans for developing infrastructure and grants for innovative, growth-oriented projects in line with the federal government’s New Regional Policy (NRP).

What kinds of projects are supported?

  • Infrastructure such as mountain railways, national sports facilities, or conference centers
  • Development projects, feasibility studies, or project setup work
  • Proposal development for marketable tourist offerings


The project must:

  • have value creation potential
  • be innovative
  • follow an entrepreneurial approach
  • be a match for the regional economy
  •  become self-sustaining in the longer term
  • include a contribution by the project sponsors
  • reflect the priorities of the New Regional Policy implementation program.

How to submit a project


Ask our partner in your region for advice. All our partners specialize in funding program development and project coordination and will be happy to help you implement your project.

Contact our regional partners


Does your project meet the requirements?
Canton of Bern implementation program (page 36, section 5.2, Funding priorities)


Submit your project to our partner in your region.

More information

  • regiosuisse – the platform for regional development in Switzerland

  • regiosuisse project database

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