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Getting connected: networking is a key factor in the success of any business. Besides being an excellent opportunity to share knowledge and experience, it is also an effective way of meeting potential customers or business partners.

We not only put on our own networking events for you, but we also publicize other events that may be of interest to businesses.


15.03.2023 Prix SVC Espace Mittelland Kursaal, Bern
28.03.2023 Berner Fachhochschule, Departement Wirtschaft, Aula, Brückenstrasse 73, Bern
30.03.2023 ASUT Konferenz über das Internet der Dinge Kursaal Bern
30.03.2023 Unfold 2023 Bierhübeli Bern
16.05.2023 STAGE UP Award Night Bierhübeli Bern
25.05.2023 Startup Days 23 Kursaal Bern
25.05.2023 Swiss Social Economy Forum Progr Bern
06.06.2023 Workshop: Digitale Transformation Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne
09.06.2023 6. Denkwiese Nacht Kursaal Bern
08./09.06.2023 Swiss Economic Forum Interlaken
13.06.2023 Swiss Medtech Day 23 Kursaal Bern

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