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Getting connected: networking is a key factor in the success of any business. Besides being an excellent opportunity to share knowledge and experience, it is also an effective way of meeting potential customers or business partners.

We not only put on our own networking events for you, but we also publicize other events that may be of interest to businesses.


17.10.2023 Workshop Motivierte Fachkräfte gewinnen & halten Technische Fachschule Bern
18.10.2023 National Regulatory Conference BERNEXPO Bern
03.11.2023 Design Preis Schweiz – Preisverleihung Langenthal
23.11.2023 SWISS IMPACT FORUM Eventfabrik Bern
28.11.2023 Workshop Qualifikation und Inklusion GIBB Berufsfachschule Bern

Culture and Sport

23./24.09.2023 Markt & Schweizer Wettbewerb der Regionalprodukte Delémont-Courtemelon
29.09.–29.10 2023 Thuner Wasserzauber Thun
04.11.2023 Swiss Athletics Night Bierhübeli Bern
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