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Core competencies and technologies

The Canton of Bern has the highest number of people working in manufacturing in Switzerland. Numerous internationally successful companies are located here. The City of Bern is the seat of the federal government and state-owned enterprises. 

Switzerland’s largest industrial canton is home to numerous successful international companies in the mechanical, precision, watchmaking, and medical technology industries.

Major international players and hidden champions

Biel/Bienne and the Bernese Jura are important locations for the Swiss watch industry, with world-renowned brands such as Omega, Rolex, Longines and Swatch based here. Companies in the precision and mechanical engineering sectors and in other industries such as medical technology and telecommunications have long benefited from the expertise acquired in watchmaking over many decades.

Numerous major international companies are based in the Canton of Bern. But another, less well-known feature of the canton are our many highly specialized and successful hidden champions who are world leaders in their fields.

Key industries

Companies in several key sectors in the Canton of Bern have banded together to form competence centers. These platforms facilitate knowledge and technology transfer between members and promote training and continuing professional development for their staff. They operate independently of the Canton of Bern.

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