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We have 3.6 million inhabitants, 1.2 million workers and 120,000 students at nine universities within an hour’s reach by road or rail. Switzerland’s biggest international airports – Zurich (180 destinations), Basel (100) and Geneva (140) – are just 1½ hours away from Bern by road or rail.

Bern is at the intersection of major north-south and east-west transport routes. Our motorways and roads are modern and efficient and our public transport system offers a high degree of mobility and flexibility.

Strong through diversity

Security of supply

Switzerland has a high level of security of supply in energy and water. While our electricity supply is increasingly geared towards renewable sources, there are cycles to be closed when it comes to using water for industrial purposes. For example, many production processes require a lot of water and therefore also produce wastewater. The circular economy is a way of keeping resources in use in production processes for as long as possible. Where does the Canton of Bern stand in terms of the circular economy? Check out this study by Reuter transferpilots.ch supported by the Canton of Bern's Office of Economic Affairs to find out.

Priority Development Areas

The Canton of Bern supports business and industry with its ESP program for selected locations. ESPs are Priority development areas with attractive conditions for economic development and excellent transport links, making them ideal places for enterprises to establish and cross-pollinate with each other.

Service-focused ESPs (ESP-Dienstleistungen) are located at public transport nodes and provide space for office, retail and recreational uses. Work-focused ESPs (ESP-Arbeiten) are intended for industrial and commercial uses. These locations are situated near motorway junctions.

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