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Dear reader,

From high-precision eagle eyes to the simple eyes of mollusks, in the natural world eyes and vision come in a huge range of shapes and designs. Besides being an organ of perception and orientation, the eye serves as a symbol of knowledge, omniscience, and truth. Even so, the advent of AI makes us question things in a way we have never done before: is what we are seeing really real? In this issue, we introduce you to companies and projects in the Canton of Bern that focus on the eye. 

Our cover story shines a light on the eye and vision.

In the CEO Portrait, Thomas Bernhard of the Haag-Streit Group reveals when he closes his eyes and is all ears.

In the Hidden Champion column, all eyes are on the Ziemer Group, which has developed a globally unique laser platform for eye surgery.

AI also gets a look-in, when we introduce you to RetinAI in the Digitalis column, a medtech startup that is using AI to revolutionize ophthalmology.

There’s a feast for the eyes awaiting you in the Life/Culture/Tourism column, where we take you on a panoramic train trip in the GoldenPass Express.

In the Administration column, we make the invisible visible.

And last but not least, we invite you on a sensory journey in #cantonofbern.

Yours truly,
Dr. Sebastian Friess
Head of the Office of Economic Affairs
President, Bern Economic Development Agency

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